The unknown Tolstoy
To shall not kill (Л. Толстой)
The first step (by Leo Tolstoy)
Tolstoy on vegetarianism and natural life
The only creatures on the Earth who love you more than themselves. Homeless brothers
An interview with a former dog catcher
Why sterilisation is the most humane of all operations
Guiding dogs for deaf people (V.Jarosh)
IV International Companion Animal WelfareConference
Furs are clothes of cavemen
Furs are chic? (by Brigitte Bardot)
What is fur? (by Brigitte Bardot)
Fur Free Alliance. The Bellerive Foundation
An address by CETA "Life"
A call of the wild, or Notes about hunters (by Igor Parfenov)
A hunt for cousins (by Jane Goodall)
Forced emigration (by Igor Parfenov)
Serial murderers and tortures of animals
Voltaire: "Оn evil"
The lowest animal (by Mark Twain)
Comparison of intellectual faculties of humans and other animals (by Charles Darwin)
John Harned's Madness (by Jack London)
The hangers-on (by Anton Chekhov)
Animals are my friends (George Bernard Shaw)
Alternatives to killing in education (by T. Samaida)
Dangerous meat (by V. Kurilenko)
Is meat harmful?
An apple day (by Juliet Gellatley)
The planet on the dish (by Juliet Gellatley)
All you need is love (an interview with Sir Paul McCartney)
Igor Parfenov, Juliet Gellatley. Questions and answers
Have you ever tasted monkey brains with a wine enema?
And have you relished bull`s testicles?
Ethics of food (by Howard Williams)
Her name was Duchesse (by Brigitte Bardot)
The world Congress Animals '2000
Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare
The Law of Ukraine "On treatment of animals in settlements"
Bioethics in education
The self-value of animals (by Tatiana Pavlova)
Kharkov Zoo and Veterinary Institute
International Symposium "Bioethics on the Threshold of the III Millennium"
Campaign "Cry 2000"
Comments of the work of CETA "Life"
"The war has eaten up my soul"
The soldier's instruction (by Leo Tolstoy)
The officer's instruction (by Leo Tolstoy)
A report prepared for the Congress of Peace in Stockholm (by Leo Tolstoy)
A letter to a sergeant-major (by Leo Tolstoy)
The star journals of Jon Tichy (by Stanislav Lem)
A war prayer (by Mark Twain)
A report of the activity of CETA "Life"
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